Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Greatest Fear Was Not Realized. Sort of. I guess.

I just needed to cut & paste the following from my facebook (I have one, but am hidden so if you want to friend me-wow, that sounds really stupid coming out of my 42 year old mouth--let me know and I will have Tom 'un-hide' me and figure that out)here for a start. I need to make a complete post about our neurologist appointment last week with Murphy.

And to think I was afraid the Neurologist was going to tell us it was nothing.

Let's see. What isn't there is really the question. Diagnosis's so far: Anxiety Disorder w/some OCD, ADHD, Sensory Integ.Disorder, Articulation Disorder (really? wth? that's last on my list to 'fix'), deferred diagnosis: PDD-NOS (pervasive dev disorder-not otherwise spec.), which is the autism spectrum & a Mood Disorder (won't be an issue once he has some of the other stuff worked on. I'd be irritable, too, if I had 9 diagnosis's. Doctor agrees.) Oh yeah, Agoraphobia, which should clear up once some of the other stuff is addressed. Doctor ordered OT, PT and Speech/Lang evaluations. Of course, the Neuropsych eval is to be first! And the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy...yay! And bloodwork to test regular stuff, Iron and thyroid function. Can't forget that I am to set up an appt with an Orthopedist to address his toewalking. We are to start with the Anxiety/OCD, then the ADHD & then I guess go down the list. Getting all of the appointments, actually getting a child who won't willingly leave the house to go and figuring out if any of this will be paid for thru insurance is really difficult. Plus, non of these doctors/appts are near us. Crazy times ahead. Well, apparently he is not 'just an asshole';). I got to keep a sense of humor. I mean, Agoraphobia, really? A triple A diagnosis of Anxiety, ADHD & Autism? This is a kid who got all A's on his report card, is hilarious (when he is not being a jerk or yelling at me because I yawned or chewed food near him) Kids like him, he just doesn't care to interact with any of them--especially outside of school. And after the Doctor told us to get a Speech/Lang eval for M, Tom and I realized we have to get Jack in for one because he is the one who REALLY has an issue there--motor processing/language. Yup, everyone thinks both of my kids are British because they speak with an English accent I guess. At least that is what I am told.
Also, after being on the phone with our insurance company for an hour, I got the answer to one thing on my list crossed off, but had to add like 12 more things to my list...all before I can actually get any appointments set.

I do have to say that even though it was emotionally filling experience, I felt hopeful for the first time in a long time. I felt like my hard work of trying to figure out my boy and get help was going to pay off.

This definitely deserves a more in depth post.