Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Feeling like Charlie Brown

Unfortunately my hard drive on my laptop died yesterday. I will be out of commission until I figure out what to do...and how much money I need to spend.

Yes, all of my photos were on my laptop..all our music on itunes, all of my banking records.

Everything. Some photos were backed up.

I will get back to everyone as soon as I can!! Just wanted you all to know why I haven't been around.


  1. oh nooooo!
    I hope you get back up and running with minimal damage and expense. :( That stinks.

  2. GAh the computer just ate my comment!

    I'd be screwed if my hard drive died. I never back anything up. Every once in awhile I complete fill it up and Mr F takes care of it. I'm totally worthless when it comes to computers.

  3. Yup, I am totally screwed. I have a new hard drive in the computer now...that was the least of it though. I gladly paid the $100 for that.

    I lost everything. Everything. All of my photos...although Tom did find photos that we backed up from 2002 until 2005 and there are random photos elsewhere. All of my banking stuff in quicken is gone...that's goes back to 1999 i think. I had complex folders set up in my mail that stored important emails, passwords, etc. My address book. All of Itunes. It's amazing how much I just took for granted.

    I don't have the money to go to a Data Recovery service right now. It costs about $100 just for them to tell me whether they can retrieve anything and can't even tell me exactly what. Data recovery can cost hundreds of dollars. I am trying to weigh whether I need to have all of my photos back:( if they can even get them back. I dropped the laptop...it hit just right. If the hard drive had just 'died' on its own, i would have been better off.

    It has really thrown me for a loop. But it is just a computer. And perhaps I held onto too many things on the computer.

    Yeah, we used to be really good about backing stuff up.

  4. God, I'm so sorry!! Terrible. I sympathize: we bought a back up drive and it died, so all the stuff we backed up/transferred onto is um, lost. :(

  5. Hey Julie -
    I don't know if you knew this, but my husband is an IT guy. I asked him if he could help you and he said, "absolutely." If you want to ship us your old hard drive, he can do the data recovery for you. No charge, of course. ;)

    I'll send you an email, too.