Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't worry, you can read without feeling depressed:)

More laughing than crying yesterday.

Also, Tom has started reading the book, The Explosive Child, finally.

Just so you know, even when it is crazy here...especially when it is crazy here, I am laughing. Because to quote Carrie Fisher, "If my life wasn't funny then it would just be true and that is unacceptable."


  1. I often say that I have to laugh or I'll cry. Sometimes the crying wins out, but mostly it's laughing. I feel what you're feeling. Glad you had a better day...

  2. Thanks guys.

    It is so good to have this as a place to just say what I feel (no matter how wacky and "unmotherly"...i try not to say my kid can be a total asshole at school pickup).

    Not everyone in the 'real' world gets my kind of parenting humor. Like yesterday at pick up, Murphy was literally running out of the building past the teachers (for the 3rd day in a row) who hold clipboards to have the parents sign their kids out. I just turned to the teachers and other parents and said "He just wants to get the bleep out of here." Oh, I did say "bleep" only. The other two days my responses were "I think someone is going to beat him up afterschool today" and "I think he's being chased." The teachers laugh. They know me. Some of the other parents look at me and probably think, "Thank God I am not her."

  3. I get it. I may not know what it feels like to be you, go through what you do in a day, but I get you, your kind heart and warm spirit are what matter and they shine through-even when the humor is masking the screaming inside your head. Because that I do too. Love, love, love you!!

  4. Dear Kiki,
    You are the best friend I have never met:). I wish I was your sister. I feel the very same way about you.

  5. Dearest Julie,
    You know my heart and that makes you as good as a sister....I adore you and think about you and your sweet family all the time-only wishing the best and brightest for you. Always!!
    Love you,