Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quick update Neuropsychological Eval. Results

I don't have the time or energy to really get into it right now. We haven't talked to Murphy about the results yet and I don't want him to see me blogging about it before I even talk with him. The only thing he does not know about or understand is the PDD-NOS. I am not sure how to approach that yet. I need to get more well versed in it so I can explain it to him in a way he can understand, without making a big deal out of it. It doesn't change who he is...but it explains a lot about him.

Oh, here's the Neuropsychologist's pre-diagnosis of his Articulation Disorder. I don't consider this confirmed at all. She apparently did some research and although she is not a Speech Therapist,she believes that Murphy's "clear and pronounced British accent" suggests this: "Foreign Accent Syndrome," a rare condition typically precipitated by stroke or traumatic brain injury but also reportedly seen in people with migraine headaches, conversion disorder and multiple sclerosis. Her words. I take that with a grain of salt. He is going to have a Speech & Language Eval this summer at Childrens Hospital, but he really does NOT have a pronounced British accent. He does have an interesting way of talking. But Foreign Accent Syndrome? I found that truly amusing. Got to get back to the puppy and the boys.

Just a cut and paste from facebook:

Confirmed diagnosis: ADHD/Impulsive Hyperactive type, Anxiety Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder and Autism speaks over in our neck of the woods, PDD-NOS (extremely high functioning.) Oh, and he got his school report card today--all A's and 1 B+. Very interesting meeting and there was no parental blame at all.


  1. Very interesting. Kent's diagnosis through the school is PDD-NOS. He will be re-evalutated (by the school) in February. I'm interested to get that....I suspect we'll add ADHD to the alphabet soup for him. :)

    I'd love to hear more when you have time.

  2. Saw your Facebook status. Are you relieved or heartbroken or a mixture of everything? I can't imagine the mix of feelings. I'm so sorry. Does this make it easier to chart a path for improvement/progression? I'm hoping so. I know when Pete was diagnosed with PTSD I finally felt like PHEW, I knew I didn't marry an asshole! :)

    I hope you can do something kind for yourself in the coming weeks (months?) and really take care of yourself. I'm sending a zillion hugs across the miles.

  3. First, I wanted to give you a hug and say, "of course there was no parental blame"! I hope you haven't been carrying that around too... Some children just come this way, and it sounds like our boys have some things in common. Having someone provide reasons for what you've been living, and hopefully some strategies as well, is so helpful. I hope you feel some relief. And it should help him too, just to have a better understanding of himself and his relationship to others. As for us, we're treading water here. After so many years trying so many alternatives to meds, and then finally agreeing to try meds, I so wanted them to work like a miracle, but that just has not been the result. Maybe we just haven't got the right one, or the right dose? So, we just keep plugging away...Hope things continue to improve for your family!

  4. oh man. what a day. what a diagnosis.

    " Having someone provide reasons for what you've been living, and hopefully some strategies as well, is so helpful. I hope you feel some relief. And it should help him too, just to have a better understanding of himself and his relationship to others."

    ditto to Gigs.

    I think it's amazing you've made it this far without going nuts. I don't mean that in offense to Murphy - but I am just staring at that list of issues. I mean, ONE of those things is hard enough to deal with. And you've been coping and strategizing and trying to help him for how long on your own? - it just blows me away.
    love you Julie.

    (p.s. I am sorry that my favorite part of this is his British accent. It makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. )

  5. Thank you all so much for your support. Truly you guys are all I really have. I know that sounds sad, but all of this is just not regular 'coffee talk' and I have a tendency to overshare and then realize that not everyone has all of this craziness and could never understand.

    Anyway, I have been really busy this week and am hoping to have more time starting Friday. I will respond more then.

    I love the little guy and the diagnosis's doesn't change who he is, yet it is a swirl of mixed up emotions and no time to process. I have been walking around all day, busy as can be with a huge smile on my face as is my usual, yet with a lump in throat and on the verge of crying. Wanting to cry for the release, but also not having the energy or time to do it.

    Of course, tomorrow is the first time all of this school year that Murphy wants to have a friend over tomorrow for the half day. Great news and progress for sure, but frankly, I would rather not have anything going on. Plus, it is so not the norm that I actually feel a little nervous. It is not like when Jack has a friend over and I don't even think about it. They just play and do whatever.

    (p.s. I am sorry that my favorite part of this is his British accent. It makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. No kidding, huh. He has the greatest voice. I don't just say that because he is my son. I LOVE listening to him speak. I didn't realize it was so pronounced to other people, but the Neurologist and Neuropsychologist are ALL OVER IT. That is the one area that they have been a bit judgemental...like why haven't I done anything about it. I didn't know that he talked 'differently'. Interestingly, the therapist that Murphy is going to to see starting next Tuesday for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (same woman I see for parenting him) actually is an American who grew up in England. So she knows her British accents. She joked that she will let me know which region of England his accent is from. But seriously, she will let me know if I should really try to help 'fix' his way of speech. Her concern is that if it is too different, it might spell "AUTISTIC" across his forehead like some kids who are on the spectrum. So we'll see.

    Love you all. Really I do. Even though I have never met you all in person, you mean the world to me. Thank you.

  6. Why don't your updates show up in my Google Reader?! Sorry I'm late to this. I'm supposed to be making dinner... but quickly want to say that my cousin (who YES is now a cross dresser.... but let's not focus on that right now) always had a funny different accent. Not exactly British... but I suspect it might be what you are talking about. He is a crazy town genius with some issues... I don't think he's ever been diagnosed with anything... only because one was not sought. He went to college on a complete scholarship to RIT. His mother is always telling me how much Ruby reminds her of him. Anyway, I think Foreign Language Syndrome is probably wrong... but... that it is more likely just a more unusual component of one of the other diagnosis.

  7. Julie...word on the playdate. I get so stressed when Kevin has friends over, because I want it to go well, the other child to have fun, and for it all to feel normal to everyone. Wish I could be one of those people who can just go with the flow, but that's just not in the cards... Good to know I'm not alone...

  8. Gigs and Julie. I'm with you on the playdates. I'd rather take a beating.

  9. Oh yeah, on the playdates. As much as I know it is progress that he wanted someone over and actually was following through with it, I was secretly hoping he'd say "never mind." Gigs, you are certainly not alone! Robin, a beating sounds like fun to me.

    Mrs F, you are not late. I had just posted. Plus, you have your own stuff going on! Very interesting about your cousin (LOL on the cross dresser...whatevs! ) I don't think Murphy has that Foreign Language Syndrome either. I swear the woman was just googled it. I laughed inside like C'mon.
    His mother is always telling me how much Ruby reminds her of him. Interesting.

  10. Julie,
    He reminds me of her, too. They look alike, they act alike, they DRESS alike ;) He was always different... I suspect he is more in the PDD spectrum of issues then the anxiety but a lot of that is overlapping as you know. As a little kid he was ridiculously smart in that freaky genius way. He has always had friends, close friends even, he has always been very smart, and excelled at school, but there is definitely something different going on. He has a hard time being social at family functions and usually stays in his room reading. He's comfortable with his nuclear family and can usually manage a little conversation for awhile. Interestingly he doesn't drink, smoke or anything else. One day they were swimming together (Kid takes to him because he totally gets how to approach her... of course) and he dunked her thinking that would be fun... she fell apart... then he fell apart. Then they both had to ignore each other for a couple days (he's almost 30)... his mom & I had to ease both of their fears... neither one of them knew how to reconnect. It was fascinating. But he did go to college and managed to live at school across the country from home, has moved on... doesn't really have a job... not that I don't think he could have one...I'm pretty sure his parents support him, and have kind of enabled a belief that he's too smart for a *normal job*. But at the end of the day he's happy. And he looks really good as a woman. For real.

  11. Not that you cared about all that!

  12. Mrs F, I do care. This is fascinating. I am hoping that Murphy uses his quirkiness and smarts to create something to support US one day though;)

    This is so interesting.

  13. I think it is interesting too. The brain is an absolutely a fascinating thing. And I'm all about stories where the quirky, smart kid is happy a the end of the day!

  14. Julie, I literally JUST watched a special on the Foreign Language Syndrome the other day.....maybe she saw the same thing so it was fresh in her mind!!! My niece was speaking forever like a cross between Barbara Walters and a little French girl, the school wanted to put her in speech therapy but my sister said no, she didn't mind the accent and it didn't make it hard to understand her-it was more endearing....well she has outgrown most of it but what remains make her so much fun to listen to. Not that this is in anyway near what Murphy is dealing with but I think parents sell themselves short so many times.....you know what is right for your child, trust your gut!

    Love you dear friend, hang in there!

  15. Kiki,
    That is so bizarre that you just watched something about Foreign Language Syndrome. Seriously, I think this lady is cracked. It is not that pronounced and it IS endearing:).Murphy is having a speech & language evaluation done through Children's Hospital (not through the school) and we'll see what they have to say, but I really don't think they are going to think it is a big deal. Jeez, I never even gave his speech a moment's worry! I just LOVE listening to his voice (even when he would be tantruming, he'd sound adorable. Crazy, but adorable.)
    It is so good to hear from you. Love to you!

  16. If you use FB often and want to friend me there, I'm on that all the time....I'm friends w/ only family and a few people I trust....I post all sorts of silliness-no biggie either way! You can email me at kikbee at yahoo dot com.

    I'm so glad you are have M. checked out by someone else!! It is always great when your posts pop up in my reader...to hear your voice...

    Love to you too!

  17. Kiki!!! I do want to friend you on FB. You, too, Gigs, if you see this. I only have the my blog friends--basically who you see here (except I got to get Mrs F, too)and one other friend (real life;)) on it. I closed myself off so I can say little weird tidbits of what's going on with our craziness and not have old high school friends see it and comment;). I don't know how to find you though because I don't know what name to look up! Email me at peisel at verizon dot com.

  18. Hey Julie, I tried to email you a few times from two different accounts and am getting a mail delivery error with the address you gave. Try emailing me if you want, I'd be honored to be in your facebook circle:

    brenda dot barch at adamsknight dot com

  19. Hi Gigs!
    I'd be honored to be in your facebook circle That's really sweet. I will email you so then you have my correct email address for sure. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I will have to have my husband 'unhide' me or I can actually find you and friend you. Can you tell I don't 'friend' people often? I sound like an old lady with a computer!