Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a beautiful day


  1. what's going on here? Isn't the water cold where you are? Either way, someone's got a fantastic hat.

  2. That photo is from 2 summers ago. I was just fooling around with the blog. I was trying to make the photo be at the top of the whole blog. And you know that funky hat belongs to Murphy of course!!

  3. Oh, sorry to drop in on you mid-design! I do love the hat for Murphy. Gotta give the kid props for doing his thing. Hope things are going alright with you all...

  4. Ha ha...mid-design. Not quite! I should be writing a post instead of trying to change the background! Also, always drop by!

    Right at this exact moment, things are good (of course, Murphy is sleeping! ;) You know how it is...good moments, harder moments. Today was an IEP meeting day and the good news is I did not cry. Hope you are doing okay, too. Someday we will catch up. For me, life has been a mix between a whirlwind & just plain avoidance (as in when I get a moment, I don't feel like rehashing it all out on the blog and DAMN I 'friended" my dog breeder on Facebook so I don't want to put out my usual posts on Murphy.)

    I better get to bed. I am so happy Obama won. Jeez, I was so embarrassed that Romney was claiming to be from Massachusetts.

  5. I'm glad your IEP went okay, in terms of no tears shed. To me that means you're more confident and strong in your advocacy for him. I hear you on avoidance. Sometimes (most of the time) I don't even want to rehash my day with my husband when he gets home. It's exhausting to try to share, even as much as you want to be validated in how you feel. I'm glad things seem to be okay for now, though. We seem to be on some sort of high too. Kev's therapist just cut his appointments from once a week to once every two weeks, because he's made good progress in a lot of ways. It'll save us a bunch of money, I just hope we can bridge that big two week gap emotionally. Of course now my older guy is having major 16 year old agita; with school, friends, girls, college crap, driving, family stuff all weighing on him. Gah!
    Yes, so happy Obama won. What a polarizing election. I was nervous for my lady parts and liberal tendencies! I have some other friends from Mass who felt like you...
    Well, stay well and take care, lady.