Wednesday, August 26, 2009


More on the WW meeting later. I'm getting the kids to bed. Then tomorrow Tom took the day off as a last 'summer hurrah' and we are going for a day trip to...where else?...Vermont! We are checking out a town that is only 2 hours away to see if we might want to live there. Tom said he'd do a 2 hour commute if it all worked out well. The trick to living in Vermont is to try to keep one's Massachusetts salary.

I feel so great about going to the meeting.

I think Teddy is with me right now;) I made sure the kids knew not to fight today as it was a day of mourning. Seriously. I am a huge Kennedy Democrat. Or was:(

Say what you want about his personal life, but that man was a tiger for the underdog.


  1. So where in VT? You know I was born in Bennington? A lot of my extended family is in the Dorset/Manchester Area.

  2. We went close by to Bennington...Wilmington. Not impressed at all. We really had a blah day, too. There was such promise to this beautiful day, but there was so much road work on the way and then we did not want to go on the hike we intended, then Murphy turned into a total jerk, we were starving and didn't have cash...we just drove home. Yup. 5 hours of driving fun!

    I have never been to Bennington, but I know Manchester/Dorset area and it is beautiful. Did your mom go to college in Bennington...was that the jist? I remember you telling me a long time ago. Who's family is there--mom or dad's (or neither!)?

  3. I remember being there, Manchester, I think and absolutely loving it!!! So beautiful!!!

    So the meeting was sketch??? Were you able to skulk in and out without an obligatory conversation with someone you knew???? I ahve been thinking about you sonce you said you were going back!!!

  4. Wow, spelling was really off in that comment...sorry!