Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What couldn't fit

I have got to call my parents and dis-invite them on our vacation to VT. Our family therapist suggested we make it a "our family-only" vacation. Said we should go and relax (as if with Cowabunga boy.) Having my parents there would not help.

I was really mixed about having them come anyway. I didn't appreciate all the comments about how skinny Murphy is when we saw them last weekend. Um, duh, we know that. It's a problem. We are doing the best we can here. The kid is back on whole milk. Actually, it was the comments that my Dad was saying to Murphy that got me. The ones in which he kept telling Murphy he was getting chubby and such. Murph was like "Um, okay, I know you must be sarcastic." Grandpa didn't mean to be a jerk, but I just can not take any more scrutiny or veiled judgement, whether someone is aware that they are doing it or not.

Plus, I don't feel like being responsible for all of their meals (like making them coffee and breakfast every morning.) I don't need anymore people to wait on.

I am not as disgruntled as it sounds. Just it is hot, I am tired and Aunt Flo just got here (that's a shout out to HL who taught me that phrase:), ok, that was a weird shout out.


  1. Probably a good idea. At least you can blame it on the therapist, right?

    I hope that y'all can enjoy yourselves. I know it's hard.

    I'm so glad y'all have a therapist. I need to get one. :)

  2. I feel a little guilty, but I know it was the right thing to do.

    Uh, yeah, a therapist or two. I do highly recommend it.

  3. veiled judgement sucks.

    I mean really, I'm almost more comfortable with someone just coming out and saying it, "Hey guess what. I think I'm a better parent than you."

    sweet dude. I think so, too. So let me know when you want to "fix" our "problem" and I'll be sure to drop him off for the month.

    (ahem. sorry. This has nothing to do with your parents. Just thinking back to some dumb things that have been said to us over and over again...)

    Stupid Aunt Flo, she's here too. waa.

    I hope you have a fun vacation!
    And thanks for posting, I really have been wondering about you guys.

  4. "sweet dude. I think so, too. So let me know when you want to "fix" our "problem" and I'll be sure to drop him off for the month. " hahahahaaa!! That is awesome.

    Aunt Flo is here, too. weird.

  5. You guys totally crack me up. I just love you. That is weird about Aunt Flo.

    We don't actually go on vacation for 2 weeks. So maybe there will be more posting before then. I am sure vacation will have its awesomely fun points and many moments when I'd rather be in hell. That's part of the reason why it was so good having my parents there for a few days last summer. Everyone was on their best behavior or as Murphy said to me a few weeks ago, "I can't fully be myself with Grammy and Grandpa there", meaning "I can't go on my insane tirades and call everyone lil' bitch." And I thought, "is that a bad thing?"