Saturday, October 16, 2010

Compensation for Suffering

Basically I think you need to post everyday and then publish a book out of your posts and rake in those royalty checks (you need SOME sort of compensation, heh.)
~From my dear blog friend, Katie

Dear Katie,

I like the way you think. I said something to that effect at the pediatrician's yesterday. I said, "Murphy better turn out to be some kind of Bill Gates and buy me a mansion when he gets older...especially if he is living in my basement."



PS. I wonder if my comments at the pediatrician's make it into my child's file. If so, I hope they at least clarify my tone is loving sarcasm, not just plain mean.


  1. Haha! I agree!

    I think the same about Kent. Every time one of his teachers or whoever says that he is going to be something big when he grows up. (The next Bill Gates, President, whatever.) I think, "he'd better be. I want something to show for all this trouble."

  2. "especially if he is living in my basement.""

    Kid intends to take over our house and build small cottages for us so that we can take care of everything for her.

  3. We had a therapist who always "reassured" us by dropping names of famous people who suffer/suffered from Aspergers. So, I figure if we can just survive the next 10 to 15 years, we've got it hard could that be, right? :)

    BTW, catching up on some of your previous posts (sorry I'm late): The therapist who couldn't even get your guy's name right? Yikes.

  4. Haha, Gigs!! "So, I figure if we can just survive the next 10 to 15 years, we've got it hard could that be, right? :)" Good lord, that's a long 10 or 15 years.

    I didn't realize you had a child with Aspergers.

  5. Robin, after years of trying to figure out his anger and impatience, mine was diagnosed last year with "mild" Aspergers, coupled with ADD. So, the usual social, sensory and fixation challenges...

  6. Gigs - aaahh. Sounds familiar. My almost 6 year old is diagnosed with PPD-NOS. Pervasive Develpment Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified. In other words....he has some Autistic characteristics, but not enough in any one area to have a specific diagnosis. It would be easier if I could just say he has Aspergers. That's probably the closest thing. Most people just think he's misbehaved.

    But yes, social, sensory and fixation challenges says it best.

  7. Gigs and Robin,
    Murphy sounds like your guys, too. Interesting, Gigs, about the Aspergers and ADD. That is where I think this is heading. But then, I'm like 'naah...he doesn't fit that either.' Then I question if I am overthinking and overdramatizing everything and he is just who he is(well, he is, but you know what I mean.)

    Oh, Mrs F, Murphy has long said he is living here with us forever and that his wife will move in, too. He better build me a compound on Hawaiii or something then sure we can all live there. No, make that Vermont...because you know how much I love it there.

  8. Yes, we've gone back and forth on what does he have, or is it just his temperament...we'd push really hard with doctors and the school, and then we'd get frustrated, or think we were overthinking, we'd back off; and then, of course, we'd feel guilty for not being better advocates...that's why we're just really getting all the pieces together and he's almost 12. I'm not sure the labels really fit him perfectly either, but it helps explain a lot of stuff when we have a bad day, and that can feel pretty valuable sometimes...those days when we say to each other, "this just can NOT be normal", you know?

  9. You know lots of parents come through my store everyday....they have these kids with them and seem so just "stand by mommy and don't move while I shop" kind of ladies are so awesome, such wonderful advocates for your kids and you know.....honestly my favorite kid who comes in with the most wonderful mom....he has Down's....but what a spectacular kid and his mom, she knows it. Just like you girls, thanks for reminding me there are still great parents out there who are doing the best they can for their kids!!!

    Julie, I love are so freaking awesome!!!

  10. Got your email, dying for the story....I'll e mail you back....was checking in to see if you had posted yet!!!