Monday, July 30, 2012

Not supposed to be like this.

I can't fucking take it.


  1. Hey love, what's going on?

  2. Sorry guys! I didn't mean to write what I did and then have no info. I did not know anyone would have even seen it. I can't write little 'vents' on Facebook anymore since i friended my dogs' breeder.

    I will post something. I haven't in a year. So much and so little going on. Hard to explain fully. All Murphy related.

    I have a major headache & my period coming any time now so I don't' think I will post anything today. But I promise I will. I just got sick of my situation so much, I figured who wants to read about my life. It is so freaking surreal to me. Even though I have been living this situation for 10 years. Oh you know when I post it will be LONG one. I probably should start posting frequently. Even snippets because I truly mean it when I say I have no one to talk to you about this stuff except Tom & it permeates our whole existence.

    Also, I feel like I should start up a whole new blog & make sure it is well hidden from people who may know me or my little guy. Unfortunately because I commented on Mrs F's blog a long time ago & it showed up weird with tom@ my full name so if you google me, i am easy to find.

    Anyway, thanks for the love.

  3. Just saw this. Sorry things are rough. Hope your know we're all thinking of you even when we don't "hear" from you, as you can see by the way that we still check your blog! Hang in there.

  4. Gigs, thanks so much. You know how it is. Some times are harder than others, but seriously, it is always hard. Hope you are doing okay as well. I wonder how your little guy is doing, too. Is it your oldest who I see you post some impressive stuff about on Facebook? Take care.

  5. Yes, my oldest. He's easy! Summer is always a challenge with K. Right now he's is on a 10 day trip with my parents and I'm fielding the text messages about how Grampa is driving him crazy. Not for nothing, but Grampa looks like the source for a lot of K's anxiety/control issues, so not sure how that's going...I'm envisioning my own childhood...but that's a story for another day. Here for you if you need to talk though. Deep, cleansing breaths!