Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Bucket

Murphy's response to the question, "What's your favorite toy to play with at home?" on a 'Getting to Know You' worksheet for school:

"Um, a bucket?"

Yes, it is true he has been playing a lot with this big blue toy bucket lately, but seriously?

I told him that he could not write that. He's like "Why? I've been playing with it a lot."

Me: "You just can't."

The teacher will think he's a real weirdo.

Me: "It doesn't tell the teacher anything about you."

Or does it?

One of the other questions was, "Tell me something about your friends."

After much thought, Murphy wrote "I don't much about them." Huh? She just wants to know a name or two. Or that you like to play Pokemon with them or whatever. What do you mean you don't know much about them??

Um, okay. I tried to help with these questions. I guess his answers will have to do. I think his answers are quite telling in what we have to deal with here.

Well, I guess he doesn't know to lie to make himself sound better yet;)


  1. The more you talk about Murphy, the more I realize how much he and Kent are alike. How old is Murphy? I can't remember.

  2. Murphy's 7 soon to be 8 in October. He's in 2nd grade. Hopefully you can learn from all of my mistakes with him;) Or know when to duck when the craziness of raising your son hits!!

  3. oh my gosh, I love it. I'm sure his teacher will get a chuckle out of those.

  4. Kent will be 5 in November. Seriously, I keep waiting for it to get easier. And waiting, and waiting. Murphy does not give me much hope. ;) Maybe we can get adjoining cells in the looney bin.

  5. Robin, some things will get easier. I think things will always be a little complicated or complex though. At least that is what I have found with the Murph.

    Tonight's homework was like a dream. He did it no problem, no yelling, no 'pretending' his hands are sooooo tired from the 6 hours of work he did all day at school, etc etc. I didn't say inappropriate things like that I'd kill myself before homeschooling him or that he and I should go to couple's therapy. It made me feel like the mom I always intended to be...and am with Jack and some of the time with my spirited little boy.

    Adjoining cells sounds nice. I wonder if we can go visit every now and then before our boys grow up. Just for a break.