Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Second Day of School

Murphy woke up this morning and declared that he was not going to school today. He said that his stomach felt sick. I said something to the affect of 'wishing' he felt better or whatever and his repsonse:

"I wish I had a parent who knew right from wrong (I am not kidding, he said this) and know that it is wrong to send their child to school when they feel sick."

I had to laugh. He is seven years old.

The good news is that he did indeed go to school and though he told me that he was going to the nurse's office right away (and I sat in the parking lot resisting the urge to go into the school to check on him), I know he did not. I called the nurse around 10:30. She said she had not seen him today. The nurse said that she thinks that it is a match made in heaven with regard to his teacher. She is a mother hen type who has no kids of her own and thinks of the kids as a good way.

I think it will be like this until the very last day of his senior year in high school.


  1. Oh God that is hilarious.

    P.S. Is it bad that I've just forced the kids to watch 4 episodes of The Office? ;)

  2. Bahahaha... I LOVE his comeback!

    Dude, I was soooo like he is when I was a kid -- I tried to play hooky all the time growing up. My mom finally gave up when I was in high school and started letting me take mental health days... I rarely attended school on a monday, and my friends started calling that "Pulling a Haley." :)

  3. Mrs F & Haley, this is my life all of the time with Murphy. He is a walking-talking anecdote. I used to write everything down that he'd say and do but then I realized that this was him ALL OF THE TIME. It is funny as hell...except when it is not.

    He finally went to sleep tonight after he got the assurance from me that I would allow him to stay home from school later in the year if he says his stomach doesn't feel well.

    Haley, I love the 'pulling a haley.' I have already let my kids take mental health days...even in preschool:)

    Mrs F, that is incredibly funny that you had your kids watching The Office! Did they think it was funny or did they not get it (I would assume Kid got it...she's an old soul), but Baby is still a baby. She'll always be a baby to me...even when she's 40.

  4. "Loves the kids, like her own, in a good way"...I get this, totally.