Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fat Blasting

Here's my exercise plan:

Mondays: 60 minutes Strength class
30 minutes Step class

Tuesdays: 60 minutes Kickboxing
45 minutes Zumba (not my first choice, but it comes right after)

Wednesday: day of errands, school volunteering, body rest

Thursday: 60 minutes Cardio Drill class (mother freaking hard, constant hell sweat class)
45 minutes Circuit class

Friday: 60 minutes Pilates
45 minutes Punch & Crunch (a killer kickboxing/ab crunch class)

This equals 6 hours 45 minutes of exercise over 4 days. I try to do something active on the weekend since I can't get to class Saturday morning because Murphy has a skating class since he is going to be starting hockey (yay...he finally chose a sport he wants to play! and boo, it is the one with the biggest early morning, all weekend commitment and humongous financial cost.) Sunday mornings is Zumba at 8:00 am and there is no way I am giving up my one day to sleep beyond 7:00 am for that wacky class. Besides, once it snows, I will be on the slopes skiing or in some cases, walking down the mountain with Murphy when he decides he doesn't want to ski anymore...either way it's a workout...if we can ever get to the mountain between the kids' sports on the weekend.

I have literally sweated more in these classes than I ever have in my entire life. I feel fantastic, but I do also feel like the cute, jolly chubby girl in every class. The token overweight girl. I am the fattest woman in every class. And I am not that fat. But next to them, I look like giganto girl. I swear one woman's two thighs equal one of my calves. Everyone else is so fit and slim. Obviously they have been doing this for a long time. I take the classes very seriously and work hard to do the moves properly to get the most out of it. That said, the instructors really spend extra time with me...they know I want to do it correctly and that I am really motivated to get into shape. Sometimes I feel like others must think I am a fat dumb ass who just can't get it right. It makes me laugh. Others in the class aren't necessarily doing their kickboxing moves right, but the teachers don't spend as much time with them because they have not shown the same dedication that I have. Plus, they're skinny so who cares?

What is slightly annoying is when another person in class corrects me like I am the class mascot or something. "Hi everyone! I'm on my own biggest loser show and you all are my freaking trainers...if you see me doing something you don't like that the instructor hasn't noticed, please feel free to come over to me and physically move my arms on the weight bar to where you think I should be holding it. Great. Thanks...because really I love being showcased in class as the village idiot. It's not enough for me to point it out on my own."

I'm just tired here and feel a little rough around the edges. I am busting my ass and making myself vulnerable by showing these trainers that I need them to get on me and then to have another person in class who I do not know, who I have never even casually talked to, start to correct me in a sort of know it all way (not in a hey, just helping out way)...and then to not really show the kind of loss on the scale that I think I deserve kind of bugs me. Oh yeah, and then to learn that the woman in class who is totally fit and lost 90 pounds a few years ago had gastric bypass surgery was kind of a let down. I know she still had to do the work and has to maintain the weight loss, but it just didn't feel like the same thing I am doing. Granted, I only have 40 pounds to lose.

I just keep going to class and do my best. It hurts like hell, but I actually do think about those contestants on the Biggest Loser and think that if they can do it for 6 hours a day, I can hack 1 1/2 hours. I also tell myself, just one more, one more when my thighs are burning like hell from numerous squats and kicks.

One more. I can do that.


  1. That is some crazy working out, lady!! I'm impressed. :)

    Sorry about the know it alls.

    BTW, you and Katie were cracking me up in the comments over at her blog. hehehe (I laugh so I don't cry. ) j/k ;)

  2. I am completely loving the working out. Now if I could only lose a freaking pound. What the hell is up with that?

    (I laugh so I don't cry. you and me both, Robin!!

  3. Julie, you are so ROCKIN IT. I wish we could go to the gym together. I don't think I'd be up for your marathon workouts though. seriously woman, I am in awe.

    You know, sometimes I work and work and work and the scale doesn't show it until I actually take a break...or get my period...it's deceptive. That may not be what's going on, but I've lost more weight this week than I did when I was working my butt off.

    (p.s. I have SOOOO been the village idiot. so. annoying. One time a teacher in a spin class yelled at me through her face-mic thingy, "HONEY, yeah YOU! (pointing at me) YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'RE GONNA BE SICK! ARE YOU OK?" everyone turned around and stared. I smiled and gave a thumbs up. "uh. nope. just fine!" I didn't go back to that instructor. Anyway, it's happened more than once. I'm a magnet for the wrong kind of attention. Like, the embarassing annoying kind.)

  4. Katie-
    I would love to be able to go to the gym with you! You could totally handle the classes I am doing. I wish we were neighbors:)

    It is really weird with the weight loss thing for me. I really am not losing weight. It doesn't help with motivation. Like last night when I stuffed my face with leftover french bread and butter (Murphy's scraps) after eating a healthy dinner.

    OMG?! That instructor did that to you?! I am such a magnet, too, for that kind of attention. I think I have a friendly face:)

  5. Just for the record it has taken me from January '09 til September to lose the weight (from 180+ to 148 steady) I just kept at it, working out and eating right...no fast food and no soda, that was huge for me. You'll get there Julie and I'm completely blown away by your workout schedule...awesomeness!!

    Hang in there I am totally cheering you on!!! I miss you...my dumb laptop still isn't working and using my iPhone to do this = notsofun!!!

  6. Hi Kiki!!!! You must have somehow known that I needed these kind, supportive words. Thank you. I am so proud of you that you lost that much weight!

    I miss you, too. You have got to get that laptop working, girl!

    Thank you so much. You always uplift my mood.