Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Focus was Rear-Ended

All it takes is one thing to knock me off my focus. I got rear-ended in my car on Friday coming out of mecca--Whole Foods--and I swear my focus was rear ended. Plus it was the weekend so it was not the same schedule. I am annoyed with myself. I didn't lose any weight this week. In fact, the scale is up. It's not like a binged. I mean I really didn't eat that much more. I was just unfocused and did not stay within my points. I did hike a mountain on Sunday. That should count for something.

On a good note, I went back to the gym and took a kickboxing class. It was so good to be back. It was a hard class and I felt fat, defeated and at one point, I kind of felt like throwing up. But I did it. I can't get back there until Friday.

I will get my focus back on. I have to. Tom started working out every day and he says he will give me serious shit if I continue this complaining about being fat, but not do anything about it.

That said, I am not going to WW tonight. I feel a little loser-ish about it, but I just can't afford to pay them for a weight gain. I mean, who gains a pound back on their 2nd week? I should still be in the couple of pounds off mode. I will go next week no matter what. If I don't lose weight next week then I guess I will just keep exercising and eating right until I opposed to my old ways which would be to eat more food and sulk on the couch.

That is not who I want to be.

On another note, I had a very vivid dream last night about the last house I lived in with my parents more than 20 years ago. I guess it would be my childhood home. I lived in it from 6th grade until college. And for reasons I can't figure out, some landscape people came to cut down some huge trees we had in the back yard. Everything felt so familiar. I can't figure out what any of this means. Weird.


  1. maybe the lost last week was just a little inflated? not to depreciate your hard work, just saying that was a BIG loss, maybe the end of aunt flo had something to do with it? (hi. do you like that I'm speculating on your periods?)

    Anyway, stupid scale. Don't let it derail you. Because if you do it won't care if you decide to smash it with a hammer or exact some other sort of evil revenge on it. And then you're just left with a pile of useless metal and still fat. just sayin.

  2. (hi. do you like that I'm speculating on your periods?) my guest! I'd rather have you visit than Aunt Flo:)

    I won't let it get me down. I decided that I am going to go the WW meeting tonight because it has been helpful for me and I feel if I don't go because I don't like what the scale says in some way I am giving up...even if it is just momentary.

  3. hey good for you!!

    (p.s. I just read my last comment. Um. That wasn't me calling you fat. Just my scale issues. )

  4. Katie, you always make me crack up. Hey, even if you were calling me fat, it wouldn't have been a lie. Not very nice, but no lie;)