Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For Hire: Someone to do homework with my kid

Murphy has been demanding that I homeschool him next year. He would prefer if I started right this minute though. His idea of homeschooling is surely comprised of him doing lots of crazy science experiments and watching tv. Oh, and eating lots of snacks. He also said that he would get a 20 minute recess. He didn't seem to care that there would be no other kids to play with.

After working with him on his homework tonight, I told Tom that I would sooner kill myself than homeschool Murphy. Okay, I lie. I said that to Tom WHILE I was attempting to get Murphy to do his homework...with him sitting right next to me. Don't worry I put a nickle in his therapy jar. The three words he wrote on the worksheet took a half hour. 3 seconds to write it interspersed with 29 minutes and 57 seconds worth of meltdowns on how he does not want to do it.

He's a smart, creative kid.
He's a smart ass and funny as hell.

And some days, he's just hell.


  1. Duuuuuude. I could go on and on and on about my homework issues with Luke. I'm so tired of it and it's what. the 7th day of school?

    I've considered homeschooling Luke. You know, like if Utah blew up and there were no schools left and no humans who were smarter than me to teach him. Sam, on the other hand, I really could homeschool him. "could". but not "would."

  2. Murphy = Ruby

    It does kind of make me nervous to contemplate homeschooling her. It always sounds good until she flips out... which is pretty much EVERY time I have to direct her. She does best when she is set up to figure it out herself. Which requires a lot of creativity and patience.
    Oh God next year should be fun ;)

  3. Ummmm. This does not bode well for my future with Kent. It is going to be just like this. Ugh.

  4. You three (katie, mrs f, robin) make me laugh so much.

    By the way, when I made that comment to Tom--'i'd rather kill myself than homeschool this child'--Tom kind of laughed. I looked him dead in the eye and said in a solemn 'don't f#*k with me' tone, "Tom, I'm serious." Boy, I sound like a winner mother;)

    creativity and patience...so true, so true